White Christmas floral Decoration

Holiday Orchid planter

Beautiful double stem orchid planter was decorated with large pine cones and delicate white branches to give a winter look.

This will make a stunning decor for the living room at your home or your office reception desk. Long lasting blooms up to 3 months.



Holiday vase arrangement

This will be a great conversation piece if you are looking for a gorgeous holiday party decor on your dining table or coffee table. More than ever people choose beautiful exotic tropical blooms like various cut orchids for their flower arrangements. It is simply because orchid blooms are gorgeous and also longer lasting than others.



Holiday bouquets for hostess

Bouquets make great hostess gift for the holiday parties!



We can make white and lime green bouquet with pines and cedar, also beautiful Burnady and Crimson red arrangements that suits your interior. Imagine the beautiful fragrance of cedars that will make everyone get in the winter holiday mood.