Wedding at Sutton Place Hotel Part 2

Here are  the photos of an  intimate wedding  ceremony and reception at the Sutton Place Hotel  for lovely couple back in January.  

Beautiful scented stocks, hydrangeas, anemones and  cool water roses were used through out the flower arrangements.    

Contact for event at  Sutton Place Hotel is as below:   

Diane Dillon | Director of Catering | The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver   

Phone: 604-642-2968  | 845 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2K6     

DSC 4228

Bridal Bouquet

DSC 4216

Bridesmaid's Bouquets

DSC 4208

Pillar Arrangements

DSC 4233

Head Table Centerpieces

DSC 4269

Pillar Arrangements at Chateau Lafite

DSC 4271    

DSC 4285

Centerpieces at Pol Roger Room

DSC 4286    

DSC 4292    

DSC 4297