Wedding at Sutton Place Hotel Part 1

I have been doing a number of wedding consultations during February and March.  I think it will be another fabulous year for weddings with Balconi.  I just wanted to share some of photos taken from a wedding we did at the Sutton Place Hotel.  Anyone who wants elegant and classy wedding,  you must check out this venue.  I just love everything about their setting.   Whether you have large wedding with 250 guests or intimate wedding with just 50 guests, this place will be perfect for you.   Contact for event at  Sutton place is as below: 

Diane Dillon | Director of Catering | The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver | 

Phone:    604-642-2968  | 845 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2K6   

DSC 3074

Bridal Bouquet

DSC 3057

Bridesmaid's Bouquet

DSC 3068 

DSC 3082

Cake Top

DSC 3085

Pillar Arrangements at Balconi

DSC 3088

Corsages Aisle Arrangements

DSC 3092   

DSC 3095

Pillar Arrangement at the Ceremony Site

DSC 3109

Table Centerpieces

DSC 3157   

DSC 3118   

DSC 3146

Cocktail Arrangement with Floating Candle

DSC 3150