Orchid paradise

I love orchids. Not only their blooms are uniquely shapped and comes in many different shapes and colors but most of them last a really long time. Every week, we receive boxes of orchids and tropical leaves from Singapore and it feels like opening up a Christmas present every single time. It traveled all the way from Singapore to our shop’s door via airplane and of course I would like to treat them by submerging into a water bath to hydrate them. We call conditioning orchids in florist term. Last year November, I was lucky enough to visit a few of orchid farms in Singapore and Malaysia. We had an opportunity to talk to growers and took a tour of their farm to enjoy the beautiful orchids and to learn how they are grown. The smell of orchids were incredible and heavenly all over the farm and I only wish that every one of my customers could smell that wondeful fragant in the orchids even once.

I would like to share some photos of orchid plants and fresh cut orchids that was cut and waiting to be packed on the racks. It was just an amazing and overwheming experience!!!

Hot pink mokara is one of my favorite!

This purple mokara orchids is one of the longer lasting orchid variety.

Exotic tropical leaves are waiting to be packed on the table.

Dark purple dendrobium is one of my new favorites.

Those dendrobiums are least three feet tall. Gorgeous and so pretty!!!

Yellow Aranda orchids are resting on the drying rack.

Beutiful pink Vanda orchid that hanging off wires.

Green dendrobiums.