Envirosax are here!

How many people are sick of piling up plastic bags in your kitchen like me?

Do you know plastic bags are not biodegradable? Perhaps, we can help by using good and sturdy reusable grocery bags to reduce of usage of plastic bags.

Envirosax is stylish, rugged and water proof. You can neatly roll it up and slip in anywhere in your car glove compartment or your personal hand bag. Forget about paper or plastic bags when you go shopping… just pull our your stylish Envirosax!

Check out the Envirosax blog and get an update with eco in mind. http://blog.envirosax.com/

I started using mine the last couple of weeks and it has been great. Nice looking and attractive… shop in style! They are large enough to hold most of my everyday grocery. I have attached some pictures of some sample designs we carry. It might be great small gift for Mother’s day.

So many designs to choose from….. My favorite one is the green one with huge butterfly motive.

Easy to fold neatly. Fits in my small palm of my hand perfectly. :)
$10.99 each