Creme de la Creme Grand Wedding Showcase

We ¬†attended the Creme De la Creme Grand wedding show that was put together by Soha Lavin from Countdown Events.¬† The show was participated by Vancouver’s finest wedding vendors and it was jam packed with many brides who¬†were looking for unique and couture style wedding.¬† Check out some of the pictures of their amazing work below and I wish all the vendors the best of luck in the up and coming wedding season 2011!

DSC 7770

Bisou Bridal

DSC 7810

Bisou Bridal

DSC 7804

Bisou Bridal

DSC 7812

Bisou Bridal

DSC 7827

Uright Decor

DSC 7829

Upright Decor

DSC 7779

Ganache Patisserie

DSC 7776

Granville Island Florist

DSC 7820


DSC 7718

Blush Bridal

DSC 7728

Blush Bridal

DSC 7790

Art of Party

DSC 7773

Marie Antoinette Cake

DSC 7783

Devine Vines Florist

DSC 7792

Ice Decor