FloraHolland Auction

We had an opportunity to visit the world’s largest flower auction in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands called FloraHolland .

FloraHolland is a flower auction company located in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Venlo, Bleiswijk and Eelde. Together, the auction houses are home to the largest flower auction in the world. More than 20 million flowers and plants are sold at FloraHolland every day and auction is on Monday to Friday.

Auction started at 6am, but we were allowed to visit at 7am and you can see all the buyers were very busy with the fast moving auction clocks.

As a florist, it was a great experience to see all the amazing selection of flowers and plants that are available. The freshness and variety of flowers are just unbelievable. It is hard to describe how large the auction warehouse was and photos below show how lively and timely the flower were sold and organized to be picked up either locally or to be flown off at the Schiphol Airport right next to the warehouse!  Just Amazing!

I would like to share some photos of the auction. Enjoy!

D7K 5708

Entrance of Aalsmeer flower auction.

D7K 5195

Flowers and plants waiting to be auctioned off.

D7K 5194

D7K 5231

D7K 5569

D7K 5695

D7K 5697

D7K 5245

Buying at one of the few auction rooms.

D7K 5263

Quality testing centre with many different types of flowers.

D7K 5262

D7K 5191

Never seen so many boxes of Anthuriums :)

D7K 5417

Cut phalaenopisis packaged nicely.

D7K 5294

Lovely roses are perfect.

D7K 5315

Love this beautiful orange color roses!

D7K 5461

D7K 5620

D7K 5469

D7K 5585

Beautiful callas!!!

D7K 5587

D7K 5677

My favorite black calla lilies!

D7K 5593

D7K 5676

D7K 5345

D7K 5361

These hydrangeas are perfect for garden wedding.

D7K 5617

D7K 5393

Hoyas!  Perfect for Valentines.  We have them at our store :)

D7K 5440

Porcupine arrangement with baby tears plant.. so cute!

D7K 5382

D7K 5398

D7K 5404

D7K 5439

Airplants are so nice and healthy.

D7K 5648

Trip to Tokyo, Japan

As some of you already knew, Balconi was away for a couple of weeks to take our annual vacation  in early January. We had a blast in Tokyo and it was sure an eye opener to see the different and unique culture. We worked hard during Christmas and new years. It was a well deserved break and we sure took advantage of seeing new things and indulging the delicious Japanese cuisine. I wanted to share some pictures with you from our trip and hopefully some of you will have to chance to visit Tokyo in the near future!!

D7K 0372

 My all time favorite Hello Kitty!!!  I grew up with Hello kitty ever since I was a preschool student.   Pretty cool to see so many places I can find the hello kitty merchandise.

D7K 0376

Vending machine heaven!!!   My hubby particulary loved street side beer vending machine! :)

D7K 0395

 Citrus tree by ASAKUSA Temple.   So nice!!!

D7K 0420

D7K 0423

 Year of Rabbit.  People buy those wooden plague to wish their luck for 2011.

D7K 0433

 Traditional Japanese garden

D7K 0477

 Busy open markets near Ueno station 

D7K 0489

 I love sushi!    Such great quality and taste!

D7K 0491

 So much fun to pick and choose the dish on the conveyor belt.

D7K 0494

D7K 0518

 I always carry my Envirosax bag when I am traveling.  They are sturdy and also so stylish.

D7K 0520

Mitsui garden hotel by Uneno station.  I stongly recomened this business hotel. So clean, nice and great locations for travelers.   Special thanks to my friend  Michie and Hiro san  for helping me find this hotel and make reservation for us. 

D7K 0523

 We decided to buy some fresh japanese style salad and bento box from the supermarket for breakfast. Yum!

D7K 0530

D7K 0533

D7K 0559

 On the way to Tokyo Governement complex to see  amazing view of entire Tokyo skyline.

D7K 0583

D7K 0594

 Entrance of Meiji Shrine

D7K 0612

D7K 0613

D7K 0621

D7K 0623

 Rice liquor containers

D7K 0640

 Walking around Harajuku area

D7K 0665

There are many great Ramen places near Shibuya station. To die for!

D7K 0681

 Shibuya area. You can  see so many people waiting to cross the street. 

D7K 0687

Finally,  I got to Ginza.   I was inspired by all the great  window displays and it was so much fun.

D7K 0695

D7K 0704

D7K 0708

I¬†wasn’t able to ¬†taste this great looking pastry since I wasn’t willing to wait a line¬† of 30 or more people.¬† Well Next time then. :)

D7K 0721

D7K 0722

D7K 0725

D7K 0726

D7K 0729

D7K 0741

D7K 0742

D7K 0747

D7K 0748

D7K 0754

D7K 0758

D7K 0759

D7K 0791

Last night in Tokyo.  Night scene at Akihabara.(electronic District)

D7K 0799

Table decor and flower fair in Korea 2008

Last year, I attended the Table Decor and flower fair in Seoul, Korea. I wanted to share some photos that I took during the show. It was the third time for me to attend this show and I found it so interesting. It was such a good opportunity to see some of the latest trends on table decors and interior designs. I particularly liked the eco wall with green tropical plants and I am tempted to build a smaller version of it at my house one day. Hmm, I need to figure out how to water all of those plants before hand. Please check back next time for more photos while I was travelling in Singapore and Malaysia as well. I will post photos of beautiful orchids!!!