Behind the scenes at the Bling 2011 wedding show

Finally we have some time to take a breather after the busy wedding season and I wanted to share with you some behind the scenes setup and install of our booth at the Bling show.   I was up on the ladder starting to arrange the all the hydrangeas and green dendrobium with a floral knife at 5 am in the morning.  You should have seen my sleepy eyes! :) Took me longer than I anticipated and I thought I was going to falling a sleep on the ladder. :)

At last,¬†we were able to spend a bit of time in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia as we booked a room for us and our staff that were working with us at the late night. We also had weddings the night before that and required 1 am take down from nearby so I knew we won’t be able to go home that night.¬†¬†The pictures will show you how¬†beautiful the room at Georgia hotel was and the bathroom was breath taking! It would be great in the near future to stay there again!¬† I think it is also¬†a great room for bride to get ready on her wedding day since it has huge bathroom with two his and her vanities!¬† Enjoy the photos!


IMG 0720

3 am  Debut event team finished our beautiful Chuppha structure! Thanks you Debut!!!

IMG 0721

Arrived in 3:30 am ROSEWOOD HOTEL.  Brought all the flowers for display through out the show and finally start working on our booth at 5am.

IMG 0723


IMG 0726

8 am completed our booth and decorating other vendors flower arrangements and then went up to room for quick shower and a cup of coffee.

Personalized greeting from the flat screen as we walked in.. nice touch!

Welcome wine… chilled and ready to go! ¬†How nice!

D7K 3095

Our room was located on 4th floor. Decor in the room is chic and elegant.

D7K 3088

Delicious cookies ready for the guests!

Most comfortable bath tub I have ever tried.  Although I was in for only 5 mins. :)

So tempting to eat the goodies in the drawers and fridge….

His and her sink directly across from each other.  I love this feature!

View from our room. Looking down on Georgia Street!