Air Plants are back!

Our long lasting and beautiful Air plants are back! Come and take a look at our new collection of air plants, you will find different species and sizes to fit you taste.

Air plants are beautiful and decorative plants which are very easy to take care of; they require small amounts of water since they nourish from water and dust from the air and they like to be misted with a spray bottle. Below you will see a variety of species that we have in our shop.

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IMG 20120225 140546 (1)

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Valentines 2012

Happy Valentines!!

At Balconi, each flower bouquet and floral arrangement is uniquely designed for your loved one. Our creative designers are here to present a one of kind floral that is far from ordinary.  Whether you are ordering a dozen of premium roses or a mixed bouquet with bright color cut orchids, we are ready to make your experience of giving flowers a romantic and memorable one.
Give us a call (604-709-0082), email us or visit our online store.

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Lido by Bosa Properties Grand Opening

Bosa properties are known for excellence, quality and practicality. As a previous owner ourselves in a Bosa building, we would recommend anybody who is in the market for a nice property to take a look at Bosa’s projects. Today is the grand opening for Bosa’s Lido residential tower in the False Creek. Located at a very centralized location, it’s got great view and convenience. Interior design was nicely done by our favorite designers, BYU Design. It’s clean, modern and it was great to incorporate our florals and artificial arrangements into Lido’s grand opening day.

Below are some photos taken from our setup. We highly encourage you to go by and take a look. Great quality, tastefully designed and a good location!

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D7K 6815


D7K 6816

D7K 6846

D7K 6819

D7K 6822

D7K 6824

D7K 6827

D7K 6828

D7K 6831

D7K 6833

D7K 6841

D7K 6830

D7K 6825