Wedding at Jewel Ballroom

It has been a while since our last post and we are having a successful wedding season so far.  Here are some photos from the Jewel Ballroom. Location is great and a nice view looking at downtown.  We incorporated some natural elements using birch, twigs and rocks for their arrangements as the bride and groom as they love nature.  The highlight was the birch chuppah that was specially made by the groom.  We had such a fun time decorating the chuppah.  Enjoy!



D7K 7133

D7K 7140

D7K 7180

D7K 7185

D7K 7203

D7K 7170

D7K 7211

D7K 7192

D7K 7195

D7K 7197

Spring @ Balconi!

Don’t forget this weekend is day light savings time! Roll forward 1 hour and spring is another day closer. To us, it has already arrived at our shop :) Beautiful sweet scent of spring flowers fills up our studio. We are so enjoying it.

Check out our spring inspiration board and drop by our for a visit!

Air Plants are back!

Our long lasting and beautiful Air plants are back! Come and take a look at our new collection of air plants, you will find different species and sizes to fit you taste.

Air plants are beautiful and decorative plants which are very easy to take care of; they require small amounts of water since they nourish from water and dust from the air and they like to be misted with a spray bottle. Below you will see a variety of species that we have in our shop.

IMG 20120225 151023

IMG 20120225 140546 (1)

IMG 20120225 140107 (1)


Valentines 2012

Happy Valentines!!

At Balconi, each flower bouquet and floral arrangement is uniquely designed for your loved one. Our creative designers are here to present a one of kind floral that is far from ordinary.  Whether you are ordering a dozen of premium roses or a mixed bouquet with bright color cut orchids, we are ready to make your experience of giving flowers a romantic and memorable one.
Give us a call (604-709-0082), email us or visit our online store.

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Lido by Bosa Properties Grand Opening

Bosa properties are known for excellence, quality and practicality. As a previous owner ourselves in a Bosa building, we would recommend anybody who is in the market for a nice property to take a look at Bosa’s projects. Today is the grand opening for Bosa’s Lido residential tower in the False Creek. Located at a very centralized location, it’s got great view and convenience. Interior design was nicely done by our favorite designers, BYU Design. It’s clean, modern and it was great to incorporate our florals and artificial arrangements into Lido’s grand opening day.

Below are some photos taken from our setup. We highly encourage you to go by and take a look. Great quality, tastefully designed and a good location!

D7K 6814

D7K 6815


D7K 6816

D7K 6846

D7K 6819

D7K 6822

D7K 6824

D7K 6827

D7K 6828

D7K 6831

D7K 6833

D7K 6841

D7K 6830

D7K 6825

FloraHolland Auction

We had an opportunity to visit the world’s largest flower auction in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands called FloraHolland .

FloraHolland is a flower auction company located in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Venlo, Bleiswijk and Eelde. Together, the auction houses are home to the largest flower auction in the world. More than 20 million flowers and plants are sold at FloraHolland every day and auction is on Monday to Friday.

Auction started at 6am, but we were allowed to visit at 7am and you can see all the buyers were very busy with the fast moving auction clocks.

As a florist, it was a great experience to see all the amazing selection of flowers and plants that are available. The freshness and variety of flowers are just unbelievable. It is hard to describe how large the auction warehouse was and photos below show how lively and timely the flower were sold and organized to be picked up either locally or to be flown off at the Schiphol Airport right next to the warehouse!  Just Amazing!

I would like to share some photos of the auction. Enjoy!

D7K 5708

Entrance of Aalsmeer flower auction.

D7K 5195

Flowers and plants waiting to be auctioned off.

D7K 5194

D7K 5231

D7K 5569

D7K 5695

D7K 5697

D7K 5245

Buying at one of the few auction rooms.

D7K 5263

Quality testing centre with many different types of flowers.

D7K 5262

D7K 5191

Never seen so many boxes of Anthuriums :)

D7K 5417

Cut phalaenopisis packaged nicely.

D7K 5294

Lovely roses are perfect.

D7K 5315

Love this beautiful orange color roses!

D7K 5461

D7K 5620

D7K 5469

D7K 5585

Beautiful callas!!!

D7K 5587

D7K 5677

My favorite black calla lilies!

D7K 5593

D7K 5676

D7K 5345

D7K 5361

These hydrangeas are perfect for garden wedding.

D7K 5617

D7K 5393

Hoyas!  Perfect for Valentines.  We have them at our store :)

D7K 5440

Porcupine arrangement with baby tears plant.. so cute!

D7K 5382

D7K 5398

D7K 5404

D7K 5439

Airplants are so nice and healthy.

D7K 5648

Happy New Year!

2011 has been a fun-filled year personally…

I promised myself I will be doing more traveling as possible in the new year.

Starting at the beginning of year 2011 with an exciting trip to Tokyo Japan, few small trips to Portland , Seattle, wine trip to Kelowna during Spring time.

At the end of the year, we did a three week long trip to Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore and Seoul. It was an inspiring and meaningful trip. It was just an awesome trip. Below is a preview of some pics from our trip. We will do an in depth blog in a later posting… stay tuned.

I wish everyone a happy new year. On behalf of all staff from Balconi Floral Design Studio, we wish you an amazing 2012. We also would like to thank all our customers, family and friends who gave support and love to Balconi.  We look forward to seeing you all soon!



Last wedding for 2011

We just finished our last wedding of this year on December 30th. It was lovely and a relaxing wedding at Harthouse in Burnaby. We love this couple!!! Congratualtions to Huyn Jin and Dong hoon. You made our year 2011 complete and joyful. We were so happy that the bride absolutely loved her bridal bouquet that we designed for her. Cute and fun!


D7K 6331


D7K 6289




D7K 6315

D7K 6316


D7K 6291


D7K 6292


D7K 6293


D7K 6307

D7K 6298

D7K 6323


D7K 6309


D7K 6310